Are you listening to Yarn, music people? Because I think you should be, and I’m not really one to tell people what to do. You will love them.  Trust me. There is honky-tonk.  There is fabulous country hair.  There are songs about drinkin’ bourbon, and shootin’, and breakin’ your mama’s heart, and fallin’ in love, and fallin’ out of love.

Yarn played at the Berkeley on New Year’s Eve. I got sidetracked by giant Raleigh falling acorns on the plaza and missed it. I was sad. But I would have been bad off, had I known what a great show I missed while I was standing in a 45 minute hot chocolate line on Fayetteville Street that night. Not to worry, I rectified that mistake Friday night atMotorco. And now I am Yarned up. I am all about Yarn. The song “Listen Up Sweetheart,” with the refrain “Treat me like a lady, you devil of a man” sends me into fits of alt-country, Americana joy. The fact that the lead singer is from Brooklyn makes it even better, because how the heck did that happen? Country band from NYC? It’s so wrong that it’s just right….

While I’m at it, shout out to The Chauffeurs playing across the street at Fullsteam on Friday. The Cars are one of my favorite things about the eighties, and the fact that a Cars cover band exists fills me with confidence that the human race is still basically on the right track.  ”You’re Just What I Needed” turned out to be…well.  You know.

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