Yeah. I did it. I carried this

to a construction meeting. While wearing heels. I really don’t care any more. I am going to start dressing like a girl again.

A tiny bit of background: When I show up for a construction meeting, I feel a little bit like a woman on a pirate ship. Not because any of the gentlemen present are remotely pirate-like; they are well-mannered, nice people, all. But if we know anything from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, it’s that a woman on a pirate ship is bad luck, or at the very least, freaks people out. Even if they try not to show it, by carefully avoiding even accidental glances in her direction.

So what does the person who works in a male-dominated industry, and occasionally spooks people on job sites due to female-ness, in the year 2011, wear to work? I have no idea.  I started out trying to be full-on professional in my attire; you know, tailored black pants and snappy little jackets and office-appropriate shoes.  When I realized that, outside our office, I would freak people out by dressing like a female, I downshifted to office-appropriate jeans with a dressy shirt and boots, or the occasional dress-over-jeans with boots,  and got out my black fringe bag.  (It’s a little bit country.  It’s a little bit rock-and-roll.  But so I am I. )  Lots of people on job sites still won’t make eye contact, but a few of them have warmed up to cursing around me, now and then. That’s progress.

Now that the weather has changed again, my boots are going back into storage, and we are edging into too-hot-for-layers territory, all bets are off.  I’m carrying a giant pink flower bag.  I might bust out some dresses.  I am wearing red mary janes with my office gear.  I am going to stop trying to downplay the fact that I am indeed female at meetings. One of these days, I am going to sidle up to someone who is studiously avoiding making eye contact and accidentally acknowledging my presence.  And I’ll say, “BOO!”

That might make me the pirate in this situation.

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  1. PRETTY!
    I love it
    Please stop by and say hi.


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