Big Daddy Love

My second show Friday night was Big Daddy Love and The Pour House.  Pseudo Blue was the opening act; I’m not how I’d categorize their music, but there was some sweet lead guitar.  Plus, there was a fog machine.  Thumbs up.

The Big Daddy Love crowd, actually, was even more fun than the barefoot band.  These guys were great to watch, but I think the key to understanding their show is what it does to the fans.

There was dancin’, y’all- mostly “hold on to a tall can of PBR and pogo” kind of dancing.  The crowd up front was so exuberant that I worried about them- were they sufficiently hydrated? Did Blonde Girl just land on that guy’s foot?  Is Knee-Length Dreadlock Guy going to spill his beer, what with all the jumping?  But they were, and she didn’t, and he didn’t.  And wow. They were having a great time.

I like the Pour House and all.  But I need a show of hands: how many of you would choose to be barefoot there?

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