Phil Cook and His Feat

I went to Motorco to see Phil Cook and His Feat.  It was a record release party.  A few fabulous things happened:

I arrived in a deluge, but by the time I got to shelter, there was a drippy golden sunset starting- with a double rainbow over Fullsteam.  The crowd thought that was great. See?

And then I was starving, which was also great, because I was conveniently standing next to a new food truck:

How, how did they manage a crust that was surprisingly and perfectly crunchy on the bottom, but melt-in-your mouth on top, in a teensy food truck? Hats off to Pie Pushers (I had the bacon and chicken.)

And then there was the show. Inside the Motorco Garage, the place was decked out with teal balloon dangles and a fairy-light chandelier, and the whole room was backlit with sunset.

It was the kind of crowd with toddlers, and dogs, and guys with rockin’ ironic mustaches. I have never heard Megafaun live, but they’re on my list. Phil Cook: unbelievable. There were at least eight instruments onstage, including a banjo, dobro, harmonica, and accordion.

At one point he turned off the mikes, unplugged, and sang an Emmylou Harris gospel song in a trio of local folks; it was magic. And by the end, when he got out his resonator, he played straight into my soul for a minute there. Seriously, I got the whole lump-in-my-throat, tears springing to my eyes thing. Also, I just have to add, he was one of the nicest, most gracious musicians I’ve heard. He spent almost as much time thanking people as he did playing, which makes his a class act.

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