Duck Tots

My friend Veronica and I sit around at work and talk about food trucks, in between drawings of construction details.  We have been fantasizing for several weeks about Duck Tots. You know, like tater tots. Fried in duck fat. Just as it should be.  This mysterious food invention comes from KoKyu, the Korean bbq food truck in Durham.

We may or may not have been stalking them a little online.  But today was the first chance we’d had to go visit, at the Motorco Bloody Brunch.

Of course, they have Bloody Marys. Veronica’s had bacon:

Leslie’s had pretty much everything:

And mine was a Bloody Mary, hold the Bloody Mary, and substitute a Morning Times coffee. Because I was not going to make it all the way to Durham uncaffeinated. And I think Bloody Marys taste exactly like shrimp cocktail sauce, and that doesn’t scream “morning beverage” to me.

The Duck Tots, foodies, are worth writing home about. I’m not even a “tot” person. But these were hot, crispy, everyone-stop-talking-and-have-one-this-second, for-the-love-of-all-that-is-decent-and-holy good.

And they were sprinkled with rosemary.

In the end, I was defeated by the tots. They were rich, and scrumptious, and perfect. And we left some behind, since a girl really only needs so much duck fat at breakfast after a late night. I had a taco, too, which was pretty good. But it’s not fair to even talk about tacos in the same entry as the tots. There’s no comparison.

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One Response to Duck Tots

  1. Flip says:

    Great article and awesome photos, definitely the best tot shots I’ve seen yet.

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