Today I found myself with a serious gift: ten consecutive daylight hours, in which I have nothing to do.  Nothing to draft or type, nothing to research, nothing to clean, nothing to mow or weed, nothing to attend; in short, nothing whatsoever which must be accomplished.

Of course, since that is the case, I have accomplished all kinds of things today:

8:30: alarm goes off.

8:40: snooze

8:50: snooze

9:00: snooze.

9:30: Craigslisted a chunky piece of furniture out of my house.  Made $200 worth of weekend fun money before I’d finished my first cup of coffee.  Declared the day a success.

9:50: Arrived at the Saturday Market at RebusWorks.

I bought these:

Did I say these?  There were two of these cornmeal lime cakes from Sweets, but one of them disappeared before I made it to the car.

I also bought a jar of mustard:

I had no intention of buying mustard, but I tried some on a pretzel, and damn, it was good.  So now I have to figure out what to do with it.  I love a challenge.

I bought fennel and kale to go with my mustard, because why not?

And the most fun thing I bought was this:

You’ll be hearing much more about this, I feel sure.  The only things you really need to know today are that a) the guys selling these kits are at the Saturday Market today, and one of the boxes has $100 hidden inside.  But if you miss out, you can get these on Amazon.  Also, b) my sculpture is going to take your sculpture DOWN.

10:30:  I was kind of giddy with my market purchases.  But I am on a quest for something that doesn’t exist, which is a mod white shelf with sliding glass doors for my studio.  I can’t work in there until I corral all of that stuff behind mod sliding glass doors.  So I went to the flea market on a fruitless quest for mid-century modern furniture.  I left with these:

And while I was slowly backing away from a potentially disastrous porch-glider transaction, I stepped into the middle of this conversation:  “…..and all of them pigs was the same.  ‘Course they’s all too expensive to make barbecue out of.”   I am only sad about the fact that I missed the first part of the conversation, so I don’t know where to find the pigs, and what makes them too valuable for eatin’.   This continues the recurring theme for my week: there is a place for everyone, absolutely everyone, here in Raleigh.  (My past 36 hours have included a Guns & Roses cover band, a blues-funk band, a near-miss with a naked woman on Fayetteville Street being followed by four sheriffs holding her clothes, a swarm of people in Japanese anime costumes, and drinking contraband champagne at a raunchy and fabulous chick flick.)

11:10: Goodwill run.  And on the way there I stopped to take a picture of this:

Because how could I resist?  Muppets and bail bonds? Together?

11:15: Made it to one of my all-time favorite places for a peppermint latte:

All of this before noon.  I do not plan to accomplish anything else until Tuesday, except maybe reading on my porch swing and going to a show or two, and seeing a pirate movie.  Hope your long weekends are likewise fabulous.

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