Rise Up Raleigh

Anyone else go to the Rise Up Raleigh benefit concert? It was a good time! Several things to report:

1) I have been slightly suspicious of the new amphitheater, mainly because it’s kind of sketchy looking from the outside. It looks small, and those blue screens on all the fences are iffy; I get it, it’s a good way to use a temporary space, but it’s not all that inviting from the outside. No worries: the inside is pretty cool. It’s like being down in a bowl; it’s way deeper than it looks from the street, and much, much bigger. The sound was good; plenty of standing room; plenty of sitting room; plenty of lounging on the hill room. Something for everyone. And it’s a fun view of downtown at night, especially when a train goes by in the background up above the stage.

2) The Small Ponds: continued fabulousness. I walked into the show on “Loneliness.” That song is like a punch to the gut. And so, so great.

3) $10 for a beer is too much. But they had food from Five Star, so I’m not complaining. I hope some of that beer money went to tornado victims…

4) Finally got to see Love Language. Worth the wait. I loved the riffs on this one.

5) The Connells have never, ever let me down.  I have had a crush on this band, singularly and collectively, since college.  There was a thirty-something blonde next to me in the crowd pretending not to know the band at all, and her date said, “You know, they were huge in the eighties and nineties.”  And she said, kind of snarky-like, “I wasn’t even alive in the eighties and nineties.”  Well.  She lies, and she is bad at it.  But I WAS alive in the eighties and nineties.  And I was listening to the Connells.  At the risk of dating myself, I will divulge that I did an entire semester abroad with 4 cassette tapes for my Sony Walkman:  two mix tapes some guy made me, and two Connells albums.  Yeah. I said it.  Cassette tapes.  And Walkman.  Mix tape guy hung around for a matter of weeks. But I still have those Connells tapes.  The Connells endure.


There was a substantial crowd out to support the cause.  I hadn’t realized that the tornado in April destroyed 183 homes, and that’s not counting the ones that were significantly damaged.  There’s still a lot of work to be done; if you’re interested in donating or volunteering, you can follow this link, and help get some of our neighbors back on their feet.

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3 Responses to Rise Up Raleigh

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  2. Thanks so much Tracy! Good to hear from you. Onward, Soldiers is definitely on my list but I haven’t seen them yet- if I don’t make Southland this week, I’ll try for Motorco next week. I appreciate the heads up!

  3. Tracy D says:

    Love your blog, Carolina Gypsy! Been totally with you on music the moment you got on the Yarn bus. Love ’em. July 15 can’t get here fast enough. If you can, go catch Onward, Soldiers at Southland this Thursday — whoa.

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