The Grilled Cheese Bus

So on Saturday, my personal highlight of the Cornhole Classic was lunch at the Grilled Cheese Bus. Heavens. Add this to the list of eyes-rolling-back-in-your-head good local food.

Did you know that the Grilled Cheese Bus is actually a non-profit? and that it’s staffed by teens in a job-training program? and that all of the proceeds to towards making the world a better place?

That, and the food is delish.  They had gone to the farmer’s market first thing in the morning and bought fresh local tomatoes, and gotten up early to make pimento cheese. My friend Julia and I split the grilled cheddar/bacon/tomato.  On local bread, dipped in really thick tomato soup. See how good this looks?

Don’t be jealous of us because we got the last sandwich. But you’ll definitely want to track them so you can get your own!

Nice to see food trucks on Fayetteville Street…hint, hint Raleigh.  Let’s adjust some codes at the June 21st meeting and make this a regular thing.

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