Carolina Rollergirls

I just got back from today’s bout.  I loved every second.  Although I just will not shut up about how hot it is, everywhere, all of a sudden, and Dorton Arena is a contender for hottest place in Raleigh, my crowd and I stayed until the very end.

Because those girls are badass.

We started at Sadlack’s, which is a perfect pre-derby place to accumulate some Attitude, and have a sandwich and beer and sweet potato tots.

And then we hit the Derby.

It’s a good time.

There’s something for the whole family:

and if you cheer loudly enough, this guy might throw you a t-shirt.

A particular shout-out goes to number 8, Deviled Legs.  I saw how hard you went down on your knee during that first bout, and we writhed in pain along with you  for a good long stretch after that, while the EMTs looked pretty concerned about you.  And you still got up and scored the hell  out of that next bout, as if nothing had happened.

The Rollergirls won, of course.

And by kind of a lot.

Some other winners today: two of my fearless friends are thinking about trying out for the team on July 10.  We spent a lot of time talking about this.

“I wouldn’t mind breaking a bone,” says Julia.  “But the idea of knocking out a tooth freaks me out.”

“I’m not tough enough,” says PJ.  I respectfully disagree; this girl once chipped a tooth while jell-o wrestling.  She declares that toughness in high school does not equate to toughness today.  I think if you’ve got it, you’ve got it.

I, who have catastrophic-only health insurance,  a collection of injuries, and not one tenth the toughness to try out, think this is a great idea, and offer to hold their purses and bring them orange slices while they train.  “Just try out!”  I tell them.  “It can’t hurt!”

We all agreed that actually, it could hurt.  It could hurt quite a bit.  This is roller derby.

However, I saw Whip It.  And I fully support the “put on some skates and be your own hero” message.  Helmets off to anyone willing to try.  Y’all are all badass.

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