Jeanne Jolly

Did y’all know about Third Thursdays at City Market?  I didn’t.  There’s live music outside Big Ed’s, and you can bring chairs and picnics.  It’s very chill.

Raleigh was kind of showing off last night; it was a perfect upper-seventies evening with a warm breeze and kind of a midnight blue sky, and all the twinkly lights in the trees against the skyline made a nice backdrop for a show. We went to hear Jeanne Jolly, a Raleigh singer/songwriter.

That girl can sing.

I was totally intrigued, because she talked about being new to songwriting, and how scary it is to write a song and put it out there.  But she stood up on the City Market corner with her guitar, and sang her heart out, and she made it look easy.  She did some great covers; Tom Waits and Patsy Cline and even Elvis, there at the end.   But her own songs were really beautiful.

Lucky for us, she has a new album out.  Check it out. And see you next month at City Market.  Let’s picnic.

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