Chicken and Waffles

This evening could have ended badly.  But it didn’t; it ended with chicken and waffles.

It had not been an especially fun day.  There were marathon meetings, and lengthy discussions about caulking, and an assortment of aches and pains I have not been able to get rid of all week.  I was tired and cranky.  But I figured a trip to the American Tobacco Lawn would be a good place to shake off the workday blues.  For starters, it’s about ten degrees cooler than anywhere else I know of in the triangle, except maybe down by the river at Umstead Park. And it’s such a well-designed public space; interactive, and comfortable, and inviting, and funky, with a big dollop of NC heritage.  The water is my favorite:  it’s crazy cool how it starts off with barely a ripple here,

and picks up speed here,

and then turns into a raging waterfall here.

The band was fun, too, although the clogging just made me crankier.  (Sorry.  I put clogging in the same category of irritant as people who insist on backing into parking spaces at every opportunity.  Fantastic! You can drive backwards.)  Did I mention I was cranky?

Anyway. After the concert, we went to Motorco to hear Onward, Soldiers.  I thought they were tonight’s opening act.  I was verging on “hangry” at this point, as in, so hungry you’re angry. It was not pretty. I was banking on there being some sort of food truck between Motorco and Fullsteam, because isn’t there always a food truck between Motorco and Fullsteam?

No. No, there is not. So we heard some southern rock, and thought we were listening to Onward, Soldiers.   And pretty soon we had had enough southern rock, and left for home.

Turns out, we totally did not see Onward, Soldiers.  I am actually listening to them at home right now, and watching them on YouTube, and they as much fun as I’d hoped they’d be, and wow, that attempt was a bust.

Except for the chicken and waffles.  Because we were pulling out of Durham, and I was too hungry to think of anything I actually wanted to eat.  Off in the distance, we saw something that resembled a food truck, and we circled around to investigate.  Chicken and Waffles, from our new friends at Sweet and Savory.

While our waffles cooked, we were talking about how chicken and waffles is a soul food phenomenon that seems to have started somewhere around Atlanta, and skipped a whole bunch of states and landed in New York.  But now they’ve finally found a home in Durham. And it was worth the wait.  Thanks, ladies, for sending us back to Raleigh happy. They were delicious.

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2 Responses to Chicken and Waffles

  1. WinocaFest sounds fantastic! Thanks for passing it on! Yesterday’s attempt to see them was obviously a fail, but I think they’ll be worth the wait. And I am ALWAYS in the mood for a food truck- I have a twisted plan to try to hit them all over the course of the summer. Thanks for the concert advice!

  2. Tracy says:

    Arrrg, that hangry feeling is a bummer, as is missing the Soldiers, but there is light!

    When we saw them the night before, we learned that their record company Winoca Records (which I gather is pretty much them, esp. their drummer Kevin) is putting on WinocaFest in Wilmington on August 27, with . . just, LOOKIT: Gillian Welch, the Felice Brothers (one of my favorite bands of all time), Those Darlins, the Old Ceremony, Mandolin Orange, Hammer No More the Fingers, and — big huge huzzah — Onward, Soldiers. For $30. In that cool big green battleship park.

    If you’re still in a food truck mood (and who wouldn’t be), there’s probably a good one at RebusWorks in Boylan Heights, right NOW! Thanks for the great posts — enjoying them!

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