I have a plan

Midweek report.

Since Monday, it has rained onto my desk in the office.  It has rained into my car.  I forked over $250 at the dentist, to have him proclaim that my teeth are in perfect health.  I calculated the number of hours I have spent on the caulking project we just finished at work (note: not actually caulking, but just drawing what the caulk will look like) and came away from that calculation depressed.  So far this week, there’s a complete absence of workouts, musical instrument practicing, or forward motion on any of the projects on my list.

I am not actually concerned about any of this, because I Have A Plan.

The plan is actually a Life List, thanks to Maggie Mason, whom I have never met but think is a badass.  She has a list of “100 things to do before I go,” plus the chutzpah to make the list public, and write about her progress, cajole other people into doing the same thing.  So about a year ago, three of us were on a weekend road trip to Cleveland and back from Raleigh, which is kind of insane.  We had plenty of down time in the car.  We got to talking about the life list, and because we had about 24 hours of car time ahead, decided to write our own lists while we drove.

It’s been a great thing.  Over the last year, we have all gotten serious about thinking about what we want in our lives, and figuring out how to get where we want to be.  Mighty Girl had a revelation at some point that you have to work for the things you want; they’re not necessarily just going to drift into your path, or fall on your lap while you’re sitting on the couch watching trash t.v.    And that’s an important point. This last year, we’ve all been working on it, and taking steps, and getting off the couch. And it’s been great fun.

Our band of three has expanded to eight or nine.  Last night we got together to celebrate one life lister’s major goal: own a house in downtown Raleigh.  We drank (lots of) wine and ate pizza while sitting on blankets on the floor.  And we all went in a circle and talked about what we’ve accomplished since we last checked in.  Have mercy, it took forever.  Which is a great thing- because, once you get that many people involved in helping you make your dreams come true, everyone has an opinion, and everyone has a strategy, and everyone knows someone who can help.

Here’s what I think: a life list should have lofty goals, and ridiculously silly goals, and adventure goals, and making-everyday-life-better goals.  I don’t think of mine as “100 things to do before I go,” though.  My list right now is at 125.  I plan to keep adding things as fast as I check them off.  I’d like to turn 100, and still have 100 things on the list I’m excited about doing.  You can start on your list, today.  Enjoy.


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