The Livin’ is Easy

Summer in full swing, here in the Axis of Cool.  So far this week, it’s just an embarrassment of riches- cocktails, and modern dance, and sidewalk drinks, and music.  The weather has been flawless, including a couple of unexpected drenching rainstorms at perfect moments, and perfect porch swing evenings.

Thursday was one of those days when it all came together.  We had a sidewalk office lunch celebration at Dos Taquitos:

and the masa cakes were transporting.  I ate way too much, but we walked it off on the way back to the office.  We stopped to check on my favorite bail bonds store, where the cops and robbers puppets are in full-on Fourth of July mode.

I was pretty useless from the food coma after that.  But I rallied, because there was a Durham field trip: fantastic good fortune, free tickets to Pilobolus at the American Dance Festival fell into our laps.  So we went shopping for hats on Ninth Street.

The perfect hat eludes me.  This one is actually not quite big enough. But I’m getting closer.  After Ninth Street: Sidewalk at Toast.  I am sold.  I decided to make the goat cheese/honey/cracked pepper crostini for dinner every night this summer.

And then there was Pilobolus at the DPAC: something everyone should see.  These people are crazy talented.  Part acrobats, part dancers, part storytellers; I don’t think I’ve ever seen a troupe so diverse in what they perform.

After Pilobolus: back to Raleigh to hear Delta Saints at Tir Na Nog.  They’re Nashville boys; gritty, blues-y, and mesmerizing.  Loved them; part Old Crow Medicine Show, part Blues Traveler; all bayou, with  lots of soul.  And they had a dobro.  If that sounds good to you, check this one out.

Whew.  All of that was just Thursday.  More to come; I have tortilla dough resting which needs my attention.  Summer Saturday= heavenly.


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