The Sense of Longing

Today is Mystery Build day at my house.  It’s on the calendar. Today is the day I have to stop thinking about my sculpture, and start making my sculpture.

If you haven’t heard, Mystery Build is a contest sponsored by two local sculptors from Pixel + Steel, here in Raleigh.  You buy a mystery kit of sculpture materials, and every kit is the same.  The theme is “Interpret a Song.”  Music, and sculpture, and competition? Together with mystery?  I will absolutely show up for that.

And I bought my kit weeks ago.  I knew which song I was going to do as soon as I heard about it.  It is one of the finest songs ever written.  I won’t even accept any arguments about that.  It just is.  And because of that, I am terrified to start my sculpture.  Sure, I’ve done a couple of trial runs, and made some sketches, and told everyone that my project is a secret and refuse to give even the merest hint of which song I chose.  Mainly because I needed to figure out why it is that this song has the power to bring me to my knees.  Or at least, roll down the windows and shamelessly sing it at a dangerous volume while driving around town.  And I finally figured out that what this song is really about, is longing.

Coincidentally, we had a cocktail contest this weekend.  My friend Julia has dubbed this the Summer of the Cocktail, and invited us each to invent one.  My cocktail is called The Sense of Longing.  I decided that it needed to be bittersweet, with a glimmer of hope, and more than a hint of fire.  The recipe is as follows (this made 3 cocktails):

  • Bittersweet:  the juice of half a grapefruit, with one half of a ripe peach, diced
  • Glimmer of Hope:  a handful of pomegranate seeds
  • Fire: a Blenheim’s ginger ale, and 3 to 6 oz whiskey, depending on your degree of longing.
  • Rim the glass with a mix of sugar and cayenne pepper, and before you drink, tell someone what it is that you long for.

I have to get to work, y’all.  But I’ll leave you with The Song.  It is quite possibly the greatest ever written.   This one goes out to The Boss.
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