Green Room


It was a celebration tonight at the Green Room, friends.

Two of my favorite people got engaged this weekend. Names have been changed to preserve their privacy; let’s just call them “Jason” and “Jessica.” We are all extremely excited. So tonight the girls went out to raise a glass and talk about engagement things. Over a game of pool. Like people do.

The Green Room is fantastic. There are miles of tables,

and a mirror decorated with bottle caps.

I was going to love this place no matter what, because a scene from one of my all-time favorite movies was filmed here.  (Which led us to a long discussion about the relative merits of baseball movies.  I say: Bull Durham # 1, followed closely by Field of Dreams, which I have to watch in private because I am always a mess by the end.)

Anyway. The beer at the Green Room is cheap, and there are seats attached all along the walls, and the jukebox is loaded. The bartender, possibly the nicest in the Triangle, came over to our table with some cash and said, “Ladies, I’m going to put a whole bunch of money in the jukebox. I’m going to need you to work with me. Pick out the tunes. Let’s make this happen.”

And we did.

We are actually all average, on down to terrible, at pool. A couple of our group members balked at even being handed a pool cue. I reminded them that I both clogged and contra danced at Merlefest, despite my bad attitude, and did not end up hating it. That worked for a while, although apparently Some People like Pac Man and jukeboxes more than embarrassing themselves at pool. No matter. We all had fun.

Especially the bride-to-be. Her team won. I think the engagement ring might be a good luck charm.

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