The Rivah

Having great friends:  fantastic.  Having great friends who will invite you to their river houses:  obnoxiously good fortune.  Betty’s family has a house in Little Washington, on the Pamilico River.  So I stopped there for the night on my way back home from New Bern.  I drove through Carolina farm country as the shadows grew long,

and I hit the Little Washington waterfront exactly at sunset.

I strolled along the river walk, where the breeze made it approximately forty degrees cooler than the rest of the state.

I admired the acres of lily pads at the estuary, and watched clusters of families and couples on first dates feeding the turtles.

I made it to the river house just as it was getting good and dark, and we hung out and talked while we listened to the cicadas and frogs.  We woke up and had breakfast here:

and enjoyed this view from the porch.  (Don’t you feel more relaxed, just looking at it?)

This is pretty much how the rest of the morning looked, from my deck chair out on the pier:

And when I got back home to Raleigh, sunned and road-tripped and well-fed, I felt like I’d had a week’s worth of vacation.  The river will do that to you.

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