Someone at this computer is smug.  Also, self-congratulatory, and maybe a little bit cocky.  Because on Sunday, I canned.  I am a home canner.  I have Put Up Food For The Winter.

Actually, seven jars of tomatoes will probably not last all that long, but it was a good first effort.  Given that it was the fifth 100-plus degree day in a row, Sunday seemed like as good an afternoon as any to fill up my kitchen with steam, and peel tomatoes over pots of boiling water.  I know. Demented. But the thing is, the tomato is probably the best thing about summer.  The thing that gives us the will to survive the hundred-degree heat.  The thing that might just entice us out of the air conditioning, and over to the farmer’s market, to stock up on romas and Blenheim’s ginger ale, ‘neath the scorching July sun.

So I borrowed Veronica’s indescribably large canning pot.  And I canned.  And when each jar, in turn, came out of the boiling-water bath and made a satisfying “thhhhhwock!” as it successfully sealed itself, I felt like a pioneer.

I have been craving tomatoes ever since the tomato tasting at the Dowtown Farmer’s Market a couple of weeks ago.  These deep red ones were my favorite, but they had tomatoes in all shades of yellow, orange, red, and green.

Lately, I have been filling my organic veggie delivery box with tomatoes. I can’t get enough.

I had panzanella with piles of heirloom tomatoes last night for dinner: giant BLT in a bowl. I had tomatoes on my lunch, and tomatoes again tonight for dinner.  I’d be eating one right now, if they weren’t all gone.

A lot of them have gotten slow-roasted, with garlic (but no coriander, ick) and then chopped up into bruschetta.

A lot of them have gotten sauced.  Yes.  That is a half-stick of butter.  Judge if you will; however, I’m betting you that once you go Marcella, you won’t be going back to whatever sauce it was that you used to make.

Tomorrow’s dinner, I have already decided, will be scalloped tomatoes. And I’ll probably have a BLT for lunch.  Seriously, with this extravaganza of July tomatoes, I am so happy I have almost stopped complaining about the heat.


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