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Erin Go Bragh

Fled to Ireland for vacation a day early to beat the storm- hope this finds you all safe and dry! Wearing jeans and a jacket and scarf. Weather is sunny and chilly, with a one hundred percent chance of Guinness. … Continue reading

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Honky Tonk

It’s been a honky tonk kind of year. It started, oddly enough, with an exhibit at the Nasher.  The Record was an amazing exhibit, on many levels.  As someone who collects record albums as art, I enjoyed every inch of … Continue reading

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Happy Place

It was a mighty fine week. I had Kir Royales on the sidewalk at Coquette with an old friend, on a gorgeous late summer night. I had breakfast at Third Place with one of my favorite neighbors, who is eight. … Continue reading

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Beasley’s Chicken and Honey

You know you want this: Did you see it?  I mean, really see it?  Here. Come in closer. That, friends, is fried chicken that will make you forget your manners, talk with your mouth full, wipe your hands on your … Continue reading

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The Monti

Last night was the Monti Story Slam at Motorco. Did you know about The Monti? I didn’t.  It’s a storytelling kind of thing. I’m so glad I have friends who are cooler than I am.  Audrey and Willow knew about … Continue reading

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R & R & R, and Cupcakes

Today’s installment is brought to you by the Old 97’s. Fellow intern architect Michael and I have a standing “complain about being an intern architect” lunch every week or so.   Michael has good taste in music.  He promised me … Continue reading

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Get Off My Lawn

Hello, Tir Na Nog.  We need to talk.  I love Local Band/Local Beer.  I love that the crowd inside becomes a different microcosm of North Carolina every single Thursday, depending on what type of band is playing.  I love the … Continue reading

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