Show of hands: who badly needs a vacation? Anyone? Anyone out there?

I do.

Fortunately, there is one on my horizon.  It involves high temperatures in the sixties, and train rides, and Guinness.  But it is days and days away.  Tonight, however, we took a mini-vacation.  We went to Babylon.

Capital Boulevard has never been the loveliest part of Raleigh, but wow, once you step inside the gates and into the Moroccan courtyard, you forget where you are entirely.   We sat outside, and the moon was bright, and it was moderately cool, and there was good wine and great company.  The building is marvelous, and I snuck into the back room where the Moroccan lanterns and chandeliers are, and it felt just a teensy bit “Alhambra” in there.

That’s a lot of exotic, for an hour and a half and $8 worth of wine.  I like it.

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