Beasley’s Chicken and Honey

You know you want this:

Did you see it?  I mean, really see it?  Here. Come in closer.

That, friends, is fried chicken that will make you forget your manners, talk with your mouth full, wipe your hands on your jeans, and flag down the waiter for a second side of biscuits.

Thursday the boss was out of town. The weather was gorgeous.  There were concerts on the agenda.  And Beasley’s was finally open.

We made a plan to be there at 11:30 when the doors opened.  Beasley’s, judging from the anticipation and excitement and early press, has been a Big Deal this week.   We knew they’d be slammed.  We were at the front door with our faces pressed up to the windows at 11:28.  We were numbers 10, 11, and 12 in line.  By 11:30 when the brave staff opened the door and risked being trampled by chicken-eaters, there were more than 30 people, with the line wrapped around the corner.

(Side note, most of us took a moment during our line-waiting to admire this fabulous car parked across the street, and to congratulate the person with the self-esteem solid enough to drive it around town.  While we’re on the subject of bail bonds, which kind of fascinates me, did you know that you can pre-purchase a bail bond?  In the event you might commit a future crime, accidentally or otherwise?  Like for a birthday gift, or a housewarming party, or just a Saturday night downtown? But now I’ve wandered off-topic.)

So the doors opened, and we stampeded.  We were seated at the long communal table, which runs the length of the restaurant.  Know what’s fun about a communal table?  You might end up seated next to someone great.  For example, my friend Missy, whom I’ve known for more than a decade but haven’t seen in ages.  AND she shared her tomatoes with homemade malt mayo.  I love people who will share their tomatoes with homemade malt mayo.

The menu: chicken.  Or a chicken biscuit.  Period.  You can add sides, and you can get chicken and waffles on the weekend and late night hours.  Don’t think I won’t do it.  Y’all already know how much I love chicken and waffles.

Oh, and there’s Cheerwine.  You’ll love it.  Get there fast.  But get there early.  First person to get chicken and waffles, report back!  Enjoy.

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