Mission Accomplished, and Catch 22

One of my goals for starting a blog was to hold myself accountable for going out and investigating all the great things the Axis of Cool has to offer.  There is no shortage, people, of things to do around here.  I realize this is kind of a Champagne Problem, but lately I have been so busy doing fun Triangle things, that I have run out of time to write about them.  All of these deserve far more than a mention, but this is what the last week looked like:

Sunday:  Low Anthem, with William Elliot Whitmore at Local 506.  (Thanks for the tip, Tracy, and you were right as always!) Two highlights:  1) the audience participation at Low Anthem involved having each of us call the person next to us, turn on our speakerphones, and hold our phones up to each other.  Try it, it’s nutty, and 2) absolutely everything William Elliot Whitmore sang.  Phenomenal blues, y’all, and he’s on my short list of favorites now.

Monday:  Secret Sisters, Brandi Carlile, and Ray Lamontagne in Cary.  I actually liked them in more or less reverse order.  Secret Sisters did sweet southern honky-tonk, and we’ll be hearing more from them.  Brandi Carlisle  started her set with “Alone is the Last Place I Wanted to Be.”  Way to knock a girl flat with the first song.  That one is seriously prescription strength.  Ray Lamontagne has a voice like no other, and it was a perfect night for a mellow concert.

Tuesday:  Heard the mayor speak at a Triangle Breakfast Club meeting.  Hats of to Charles Meeker; I’ve been in Raleigh long enough to see evidence of positive change all around me, and it’s largely due to his tireless efforts and cheerful participation in countless city events. I hate to see this era come to an end, but he deserves a break, and he feels pretty good about all the candidates for the October 11th election.  (You’re voting, right?)

Wednesday: The Walkmen and Fleet Foxes.  Amazing show.  Less so, the weather.  I have never, ever been less dry.  But I’m glad I went.

Thursday: Secret class at Wake Tech.  I am improving my mind, y’all.  Dinner at Remedy afterwards wasn’t half bad.

Friday: The Monti, at the Haw River Ballroom.

Saturday: French Broad Fall Fest.  Mountains and back in 30 hours.  Whew.

I am slightly concerned that my calendar, for the next few weeks, looks pretty much this full.  But given that ‘most everything on the to-do list is highly enjoyable, I am not complaining.  I had to flip ahead to November though, and pick a weekend on the calendar which is now clearly marked, “NOTHING ON THE CALENDAR.”  I’ll have to fight to keep it that way, and I’ll probably spend that whole weekend in my pajamas and speak only to the pizza delivery guy.  It’ll be great.

Meanwhile, though, I’m going to embrace the crazy.  Let’s compare social calendars and get out there and have some Fall Fun.

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