Yesterday I ran into my neighbor doing her homework.  She’s in preschool, and she was taking her mom on a nature walk.

Why hadn’t I thought of that sooner?

I had, actually.  It’s walk-to-work weather again. In the 25 minutes it takes me to get there, I get to breathe deeply, take in some sunshine, and see what’s up with my city.  I don’t see things the same way at 45 mph, as I do at 3 mph.

I love walking down this little hill into downtown, by the brick wall, and I’ll wait through an extra stoplight to do it:

Bonus: this morning, my 12 foot tall shadow had lost about 4o pounds.  It’s the slanty fall morning light.  See if that doesn’t improve your self esteem, just a little.

I came west on Hargett, as the rosy sun lit up the tops of the buildings,

and I never walk down this street without appreciating how much Raleigh has changed, in a great way, since I first got here.

I took another nature walk at lunch, because it’s October, and it is my very favorite month.  Know what this is, friends?  Dappled light.

The oppressive summer clingy humidity is gone, and the light has changed from blaring haze to clear and pure, and the skies are Carolina blue again.  But the grass is still green, and it’s still music on the lawn season, for just a little longer.The clouds this time of year are real showstoppers.

Walking home is just as nice as walking to work.  Whatever frustrations have accumulated during 8 hours at my desk are long gone before I make it up Fayetteville and across the Capitol Lawn.  Today I was excited to see this:

Just a tiny bit of color peeking out on the treetops on Jones Street.  We’re dipping a toe into fall right now, sort of testing the waters. Before you know it, there will be full-on pumpkins, and scarf weather, and the first days of scraping frost from our windshields.

I, for one, need a little transition time.  Tonight was my third kitchen disaster in three weeks; each one because I just plain wasn’t as prepared as I thought I was. Who runs out of sugar? And who gets all the way through making gourmet cupcake batter, without a cupcake pan in the house?  And why is my icing lumpy? And why the hell can’t I remember what I did with my cupcake pan? 

None of that matters.  What matters is this: I’ve been so busy with the frenetic pace of September that I’ve forgotten to re-set myself for October.  I plan to take it down a notch, in terms of the running around and the to-do list.  I plan to stop every ten feet during my walking commute for photographs, if that feels like fun.  I plan to drink my weight in the spicy mochas Third Place is making right now, and pick up a good book, and bundle up and hang out on my porch swing at dusk.

And I plan to enjoy every little bit of October.  Hope you do, too.

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One Response to Homework

  1. Mama says:

    I read a few of your other blogs. i like the way you write, esp. about fall. November is my favorite month; Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Just food and conversaiton-gotta love it.

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