This restful moment of fall splendor is brought to you by Saxapahaw.

Oktoberfest is taking place just out of the frame to your left, and it’s rollicking. Bands, beers, food trucks.  Cars are whizzing along the bridge behind you, and chores are piling up in your house back in Raleigh, and you left your desk a mess at the office on Friday.  October, your favorite month, has mostly treated you well, but there have been a few moments of Awkward with a capital A, and all other things being equal, you’d be happier right now with a couple of days off to regroup.

Right now, though, your little sister has flown home from Europe, and she’s standing beside you on this lovely bridge, and the autumn sunset is about to set these changing trees ablaze with golden light, and you can’t help but wonder how nice it must be, out there where that lone fisherman in red is standing on a rock.

And you breathe, and breathe deeply, and you are happy.

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