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Austerity Measures

I think I join most of the world’s seven billion people tonight in expressing the following sentiment: Austerity measures kind of suck. I know this, personally, because it is my third day of pre-holiday austerity measures, and also my third … Continue reading

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The first thing I thought when I woke up this morning was: Ow ow ow ow ow. Not from my moderately successful return-to-yoga class this week, but from this: The thing is, a grown-up leaf pile is not nearly as … Continue reading

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Open Door

It seems that yoga has snuck up on me again. I believe in yoga, really and truly I do.  It’s kept me upright and moving forward during some relentlessly stressful times, and helped me remember to breathe in and out … Continue reading

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A Study in Contrasts

Well.  As of tonight, I am exactly two hours smarter, and two hours dumber, than I was before the weekend. A girl could do worse. Friday I signed up for a one-off class at the NCMA, “Drawing with the Masters.” … Continue reading

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Cheerful, Redux

So last night, Veronica and I went to Tir Na Nog.  She bought me a Highland Gaelic, to celebrate crossing the halfway point of my intern hours.  I bought her a Guinness, to celebrate her completion of a long and … Continue reading

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Leaf Pile

There’s been an uptick today in optimism. At my desk this morning, I did some math.  And I discovered that, master’s degree notwithstanding, I was reading the chart wrong.  The chart in question documents my intern hours.  The chart in question … Continue reading

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Trust Falls

It was Asheville wedding weekend.  Asheville: still gorgeous, even with most of the leaves in blankets on the city sidewalks instead of up high in the branches. Two weddings in three weekends.  One was at the coast, on the North … Continue reading

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