Chatham County Line

Having a Christmastime birthday is lame, y’all.  I don’t know what my parents were thinking.  I came home from the hospital in a Christmas stocking, and that was pretty adorable, but the whole three-days-before-Christmas-birthday thing has been downhill ever since.

The saving grace is that Chatham County Line does an annual Christmas tour.  It’s so much fun that I’ve just decided to adopt it as my birthday party from here on out. Bluegrass, boots, beer, favorite band, and a crowd of friends: I’d be hard pressed to get more of the things I love in one place. Even better, tonight’s show was at the Haw River Ballroom.  I adore the Haw River Ballroom.  It’s perfect when it’s decked out with Christmas trees. Ten of us headed out to Saxapahaw for the show.

I love this band too much to write about them.  If you’ve heard them, then you know.  If you haven’t, then you’ll need to come find out for yourself.

But the long and short of it is this: I got exactly what I wanted for my birthday this year.

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