Tangled Up in Blue

I have been birthdaying all week.  I’ve enjoyed every bit of it, starting with Sunday night and my favorite band at the Haw River Ballroom.  Monday my phone, which I thought was irretrievably dead, resurrected itself in a Christmas Miracle.  Tuesday was yoga, and then a Christmas lights walk through Oakwood with the girls, wine in hand.  Wednesday JJ took me to lunch at Dos Taquitos, which was all festive and cheerfully decked out:

and then Willow and I hung out at Morning Times and she taught me how to knit.  She brought me some big fat needles, and a scarf pattern, and some gorgeous midnight blue yarn.  Call it midnight blue, or cobalt, or sapphire, or indigo; that color makes me swoon. She’s a really good teacher. She got me started and then wrote Christmas cards while I knitted rows.  As with every other knitting attempt, I added a stitch accidentally to each row so that my scarf started to go triangular, but Willow figured out what I was doing wrong and solved my problem.  I am now unstoppable.  While we chatted, she asked me about my most recent Handsome Cowboy sighting over the weekend.  I got flustered talking about it and wrecked that whole row, absolutely destroyed it, and had to pass the whole mess over to Willow to untangle, laughing.  She managed to undo everything I did wrong. We sorted out the tangles.

Today was Actual Birthday, and I ditched work, and hung out at Third Place and ran Christmas errands.  Owen came and took me to lunch. I haven’t seen anything sweeter than Baby Owen and his excitement over Christmas tree lights all season. I mean,  just look at that face.

After that there was a surprise excursion to the Nutcracker; I hadn’t seen it in years, but after talking about it for days, Julia was kind enough to figure out that it was probably overdue.  It was just what I needed.  (That, and maybe ballet classes. 2012 is looking busy.) We finished the evening with the girls on the sidewalk at Raleigh Times, because where else would you be on the first day of winter on a seventy-degree day?

All of that, and a couple more celebrations ahead. December started out a little rough, holiday spirit-wise, but it seems to have righted itself and is now radiating Christmas cheer.  Presents are wrapped, tree is lit, family fun awaits.  The baby Jesus from my little brass Nativity set has made it bit by bit from across the house into the living room, and is inches from joining the rest of the crowd, with the manger in the center of it all.

This afternoon I had a spare few minutes, and I finished my midnight blue scarf.  There are a few questionable stitches and gaps in there, but taken as a whole, I think it’s mighty fine, considering I was learning as I put it all together.  For the time being, I am also mighty fine. I am neither tangled up, nor blue, with two days to Christmas. Wishing you all serenity and peppermint lattes and time with the people you love. Y’all travel safely. I’ll report back from the Grove Park.

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