Apparently there about as many traditions for ringing in the New Year as there are people ringing in the New Year.  I heard a new one this week: in many parts of the world, people buy new underwear for New Year’s Eve.  This whole thing started in Spain, and migrated into Latin America and South America, and has started to work its way into just plain America.  The color you pick determines what you’ll be welcoming into your life in the coming year.

So are you in? It’s way more fun than blowing a noisemaker while watching the ball drop.  I mean, I’ll be doing that too, with friends around and champagne in both hands.  But this year I’ll also be wearing audacious underwear.

Here’s where it gets challenging.  I’m all for spending a chunk of my holiday bonus on unmentionables.  But which ones? What color? Yellow for prosperity, blue for health, green for luck?  Pink for luck in love, red for passion, white for happiness?  Don’t we all, in fact, deserve all of those things in the coming year?

Now, as committed as I am to eating collards and black eyed peas on New Year’s Day to ensure prosperity (wait.  come to think of it, is that working for y’all?) I’m not superstitious enough to think that my lingerie choices have a magic influence over my 2012.  What is magic, though, is that once you look at a list like that and have to invest in just one,  it always seems pretty clear what you want most.  And once you know what you want most, it’s a lot easier to go after it, and recognize it when it comes your way, and reach out and pull it close, and work to keep it.  I didn’t actually have to think twice.

I’m not about to go all Kim Cattrall and tell you what I bought. But it’s pretty.  It might even be a game changer.  Here’s to something new this New Year’s.

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