Rhinestone Cowboy

Tonight was Jason and the Scorchers at Berkeley Cafe.

Lovisa and I really enjoyed the music, which was loud, and raucous, and country, and rock, and roll.  Additionally, I’ve never seen a country Hair Band before, and at least a couple of these guys had some serious Hair going on.  As in, 80’s Guns N’ Roses Hair.  I’ve yet to hear a band that I didn’t enjoy at Berkeley, and tonight was no exception.

The music was lots of fun, but my favorite part of tonight, actually, was the best cowboy shirt I’ve ever seen, onstage or off.  It was silvery gray, with leather fringe along the sleeves, and all across the front and back.  The top part, the business end of the shirt, if you will, was glittered with rhinestones.  It was all showmanship.  It was Nashville meets Texas meets Hollywood.  It was old school country, but glam.  When he swung around in circles with the microphone cord, the fringe flew out in all directions. It was impressive.

The wearer of this cowboy piece of art pointed out that the person who makes his costumes was in the audience tonight and lives in Raleigh.  I almost rushed her with a custom order for The Perfect Fringe Dress, which I can’t find anywhere.  I’m sure she could make it, and I’m sure it would be exactly as impressive as the silvery rhinestone fringe shirt. But, you know, subtle.

I decided to let her enjoy the show in peace.  But that doesn’t mean there’s no fringe in my future.  There may also be rhinestones.  We’ll see how 2012 feels.

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