Square Dancin’

Well.  That was fun.

I just got back from Fullsteam, where the Hogslop String Band was leading a square dance.  The picture above doesn’t begin to show how crowded it was.  People love some square dancin’.  It was crazy crowded in there, in a good way.

The Hogslop String Band is a lot more adorable than their name would indicate. There was fiddle, and banjo, and a guy playing a washtub. It was a happy crowd, young and old, with a couple of dogs thrown in just for kicks. How can you not be happy, when people are do-si-do-ing?  And of course, Fullsteam can do no wrong, as far as I’m concerned, in terms of making fabulous beer.  Given the name of the band (and my affinity for bacon), I thought Hogwash would be an appropriate choice for the evening.  It was.

I danced the first dance, which was essentially a bunch of people sashaying across the room in an endless loop.  It was fun.  After that I was satisfied to hang out with my crowd and my Hogwash and steal people’s duck tots, but I couldn’t stop dancing in place while I talked.  I think I even approached clogging, at more than one point, and  I just can’t abide clogging.  JJ tried to carry on a conversation with Julia and me while PJ and Betty were off dancing.  There was too much hoppin’ and stompin’ on our part, for his taste.  “Y’all are like Night at the Roxbury,” he told us.  “But with country.”  Which I thought was pretty accurate.  He tried to out-annoy us, with some serious heel kickin’ and knee slappin’.  But he was way better than we were, so it was just plain impressive.

Full weekend of fun ahead. But that will be hard to top.




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