Mipso Trio

December Update: so the Indy found this post, and pointed out that I am a) starry-eyed and b) incorrect.  No matter. We still a great time.  Hi, Indy!

So. Mipso Trio sold out Cat’s Cradle last night.

That was a sea of people, friends.  This picture is the closest I could get  The band said that it had been a dream of theirs to play at Cat’s Cradle.  How about not just playing it, but selling out your first show there?  How about that? I’ll bet that felt pretty great.

I knew I’d love the show, because I’d already seen Mipso Trio at a Shakori Hills fundraiser a few months back.  They’re adorable.  And they’re talented.  They’re real songwriters.  And they’re having a great time.

This show had a little extra buzz, I think, because of the Avett connection.  Their record is being produced by Jim Avett, who was also the opening act. The second opener was the Overmountain Boys, the Avett Brothers bassist’s side band.  When I pieced all of this together, I texted Julia, “I think you want to consider your outfit for Saturday night carefully.”  When she showed up, I eased her into the idea that there would most likely be Avetts in attendance.  I didn’t want to get anyone overexcited, after our near-miss experience with the Avett tour bus this fall.  We scanned the crowd, which was an impossible task because the Cradle was overflowing.  We started looking at the faces in the performer’s area, the balcony up behind the stage, and a few times thought, “Is it? No, maybe not.  That one there? Possibly.”  We looked away, and then looked back, and there they were: the Avett Brothers, backlit, unmistakeable, enjoying the show from up above the fray.  It added a nice overlay of extra cool to the evening.

But the Avett connection is just a side story.  Last night was all about Mipso Trio.  They played a selection of crowd favorites and material from their upcoming album; they were engaging, and excited, and had won this crowd over even before they started.  The trio is bass, mandolin, and guitar, with a few guests here and there on fiddle, banjo, and drums.  You can check out some of their music here, or here.  Or see them on video here:

See?  I told you.  Great fun.

We started edging toward the door for the encore, because someone among us skipped dinner and was determined to raid her absolute favorite food truck before the swarm of music people left the show.  They came back  onstage, and caught me totally off guard by launching into a three-part harmony intro to “Killing Me Softly.”  If you were there and loved that as much as I did, you’ll probably love this clip, too:

And then we left Chapel Hill with gorditas con chorizo and orange soda, and talked about how much fun those guys must have had onstage, and how much fun we’ll have telling people someday, “Dude! I saw them when they sold out the Cradle way back in 2012.”  If you missed it, keep your eyes peeled.  They still have a year till graduation.  You might be able to catch them around town before then.

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