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The Wine Feed

I learned some things last night, y’all. For example: there are three kinds of cork which make up a champagne cork.  When a cork goes into a bottle, it’s cylindrical, but all three kinds of cork expand at different rates, and … Continue reading

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Long Legged Guitar Pickin’ Man

Happy Birthday, Johnny Cash. My crowd celebrated with some Americana.  Friday night it was Johnny Folsom Four at the Pour House.  It was a success, other than the band neglecting to play my favorite.  A Johnny Cash night with no … Continue reading

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In the Groove

It’s a comin’ up a storm, Triangle people.  Clashing of fronts. Dark clouds brewing.  It’s in the weather forecast, yes, but it also describes conditions at my desk this morning. Sucky, sucky Friday morning.  (That is a literary term, of course.) … Continue reading

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Wait and See

Interesting things are afoot this week, y’all. Carrboro got yarn bombed, and Nash Square is all daffodils, and Durham’s had some gorgeous sunsets. And then, Willow found a new drink in Raleigh that involves beer, ice, lime, and rum.  All … Continue reading

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I have been a little overly sensitive to beauty lately. It comes in all kinds of forms, of course, highbrow and lowbrow, delicate or gritty or raucous or serene.  These days I have to brace myself when I walk into … Continue reading

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I am having heart palpitations tonight, y’all, actual fluttering and butterflies in my stomach, and it’s not because I just saw Handsome Cowboy across a crowded music hall again (tragically, a day too late to be my unrequited Valentine, but … Continue reading

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Damn Cupid

Ah, single on Valentine’s Day.  There are lots of avenues I could take.  I could pretend that it is not happening in an explosion of candy hearts and singing telegrams and glitter all around me.  I could be obstinate and … Continue reading

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