Rare and Vintage Beer Tasting

So. Yesterday was the Rare and Vintage Beer Tasting, outside of the new Tyler’s Taproom at Seaboard.  A good time was had by all.

Luckily for me, I was there with Veronica, grad school friend/coworker/all-around great company.  She also knows a thing or two about beer.  She was our documentarian for the event.

My beer vocabulary is fairly limited.  I would shout out, “This one tastes like Christmas!” And “I’m getting molasses again.  Does this one taste like molasses to you? In a good way?”  About ten samples in, I was less clear.  “Sunshine! And happy.  That’s what this one is.”  Veronica got it all down, but her notes were more academic and credible than mine. We’re a pretty good pair.  Le Terroir “Lips of Faith” won for the best name,

and Heavy Seas won for best swag, with the “Arrrgh!” eyepatches.  The beer was pretty great too- our combined notes indicate “chocolate lava cake, pools of lust, and balsamic, but surprisingly light.”  Whatever all that means.

We both gave the Smoky Mtn. Habanero Infused Porter a huge thumbs-up.  And the Natty Greene’s guy was really nice to us.

I had kind of a religious experience at the Big Boss tap, though.

This one was a coffee stout of some kind; our notes say “Buffalo…” and then trail off, so I don’t have the name.  But I’ll bet you can ask the Big Boss guys about it. (Reader note: it’s Big Boss Larry’s Beans. Thanks!)

Veronica tried the sour cherry, which was based on Helle’s Belle, but with a twist.  We like that one.  But as we noted, the coffee stout was the only beer all afternoon that I was actually sad to pour out when we moved on to the next sample.

Because she is thorough, Veronica also took note of the crowd,

which was approximately 90% male. But despite the fact that once, in line behind us, we heard a stage-whispered “Dude! There ARE girls here!”  we could not have been less interesting to them.  There were actually a number of men with headphones on, the better to tune out the crowd and concentrate on the beer.

Which, coincidentally, is exactly what we ended up doing.  Saturday afternoon: well spent.

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3 Responses to Rare and Vintage Beer Tasting

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  2. eclecticmess says:

    If you liked the Big Boss Larry’s Beans (which i did too) did you happen to try the Avery Meph Addict? It tasted like dark coffee with a beer bonus. That one took Best in Show for me! Thanks for the great write up!

    • Ah! Larry’s Beans. Thank you, we were too many samples in to have recorded that properly. I also loved the Meph Addict. For that one, we wrote down “heaven, chocolate cake + espresso, ninja in your mouth, utter decadence.” Clearly it was high on the list! What a great way to spend a rainy Saturday.

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