Wait and See

Interesting things are afoot this week, y’all.

Carrboro got yarn bombed,

and Nash Square is all daffodils,

and Durham’s had some gorgeous sunsets.

And then, Willow found a new drink in Raleigh that involves beer, ice, lime, and rum.  All at once.  And as you drink it, you keep topping it off with the rest of the bottle of beer they give you.  It’s so wrong, it’s right.

Basketball’s getting good, too.  Despite the fact that my team lost this week, Veronica and I had a great time cheering the boys over pizza at Tyler’s.  Being this close to March Madness makes me giddy.  AND there was king cake next door at the bottle shop.

The new wing of the science museum is getting closer and closer to being finished.  Someone is keeping track.  I can’t wait to get in there, and not just because I have a big crush on that lovely louvered building.  (I will lover everything that will stand still, one day in the rose-colored future when I have finished all my intern hours and passed all my exams.)

This is an odd one, below, but I found this door on the roof of one of the projects my office is managing.   I’m not sure why there are footprints at the 6′ 8″ mark, but wow, looks like someone might have been in a hurry to get off of this caulking job.  That, or this is some sort of portal to hell, and there was an epic battle of good and evil on top of this art deco building.  Kind of like Ghostbusters, or something.  I don’t know.

My friends are all a little sad about the end of the caulking job, as it has provided an endless stream of “that’s what she said” jokes for the last year.  (Go ahead.  Say it out loud to someone who isn’t prepared for the topic.  Even my mother had to say, “Are you saying ‘caulk,’ c-a-u-l-k? Because I may have misheard you.”)

After three hours of analyzing caulk joints this morning, I had to go have a beer and a burger on the PR sidewalk at lunch and re-group.  My mind is all over the place; it feels like good things are happening, and the calendar’s filling up, and people are spilling out to to patios and sidewalks and porches again, in a solid way, not just once-in-a-while.  It’s pretty early for spring fever, but then, it’s pretty early for spring, and that’s here anyway.  I don’t have any epiphanies to report; I don’t have my typical to-do list; I don’t really even have a plan, this season.

What I do have: a little time to think.  I have this because I put it on my calendar, every day, for Lent.  This time around, instead of giving up something, I decided to take half an hour a day to be still.  Maybe one day it’ll be church, and one day it’ll be writing a song, and one day it’ll be getting up early enough to enjoy my morning coffee on the porch swing.   I’m not especially literal, so tonight’s “being still for 30 minutes” was a 90 minute walk, all the way from downtown to Five Points and back, at sunset.  It was delightful.

30 minutes a day.  I may not come up with anything profound or revelatory, but in the spirit of being open-hearted and open-minded, I’m going to see if I can free up a little space.

I’m willing to wait and see what happens.

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