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Excuse me, could you break this million dollar bill?

Nobody is getting any work done today.  I’d be worried that Boss Man would notice, but it’s his fault.  He bought us an office lottery ticket, and now we’re not doing anything but figuring out how to spend our winnings. … Continue reading

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Today’s post is brought to you by the letter “F.” Ok.  The word.  The word F.  The F Word.  There.  I said it.  Or didn’t quite say it. By way of introduction, I am not in the least opposed to … Continue reading

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Tall, Dark, and Handsome

Friday night, while I was off having a lovely time at Lincoln Theater with friends, more friends were at Kings trying to find me The Perfect Man. I don’t know how this transpired, exactly, but I like it. The Kings … Continue reading

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Very Nearly Perfect

I coasted on the high from Friday night’s music all day Saturday.  (I was also  bleary eyed from being up late, and then being up early, but that was worth it.)  I figured the weekend’s excitement was over, but then … Continue reading

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Stand Strong

Know what I  love this weekend?  Raleigh. I love Raleigh all the time, really I do, but yesterday was special.  There was a benefit in town, at four different venues, hosted by the good people who bring us Hopscotch. The benefit … Continue reading

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The Mecca Ham

Today has been full of surprises.  Good ones.  One really good one.  It started this morning when I walked to work, and saw this in my neighbor’s front yard, which I figured was a good sign: and by 3:00, I had checked something off … Continue reading

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Honey, Do

Spring in the Triangle means that the weather changes about every twenty minutes.  I don’t mind.   Yesterday I woke up to another three a.m. thunderstorm, but by the time I walked to work, it looked like this: There was … Continue reading

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