Last Band Standing

Tonight was Last Band Standing at Lincoln Theater.  Four local bands.  One winner.  All for charity.  I was a little bit giddy, because the bands were as follows: Lizzie Ross, Lila, Big Something, and Mipso Trio.  Mipso Trio! Remember how much I love Mipso Trio?

But I had a slight conflict tonight.

Neighbor Tripp, in the driveway: “Hey! How’s it going?”

Carolina Gypsy, holding toast-for-dinner and a notebook: “Great! I’m going to Raleigh Neighborhood College!”

Neighbor Tripp:  “Is that, like, to learn about how to be a neighbor?”

Carolina Gypsy:  “I think it’s about learning how to be a good citizen.”

Neighbor Tripp:  “Is that court-ordered?”

It’s not, actually.  My friends at the Urban Design Center recommended it, and I’m in for a couple of months of serious citizen education and involvement.  I’ve already learned some things.  Buckle up.  It’s going to be good.

The point, though, is that I had to prioritize.  I was late to Last Band Standing.  And I missed Mipso Trio.  I got in and saw the schedule and said noooooooooo, it is not possible, did they really go first?  The dismay did not change anything.  They had already finished.  I. Was. Too. Late.

Good thing the rest of the bands were so much fun.  There was Lizzy Ross, who, despite a sound tech issue, belted out some great songs, including “Drinking and Crying,” after which I declared her my favorite based on sequined dress and song title alone.

Next band up was Big Something, and I don’t know quite how you’d categorize them, but I liked them, based on volume and youthful enthusiasm as well as bubbles, lasers, and songs I wanted to dance to:

I also appreciate a band who can rock dreads and baseball caps, with suits.  Last band of the night was Lila:

Their genre is hip-hop, and I liked their stage presence.  From the beginning of the set, they encouraged people to gather down front and share some energy.  I liked their style.

In the end, it was Lila who was pronounced winner by the celebrity judges, and they’ll get to play at Band Together’s main event in May.  Lizzie Ross was declared the audience choice winner.  The best news is, it’s all for charity; proceeds go to Urban Ministries, and just adds to the 1.5 million dollar total the Band Together crew has raised for charity since they got started.  Great work, y’all.

That, and great music.

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