Che Bella Luna

March.  Is it just me, or is the light changing?

The days are longer, and it’s still light when I get home from work.  Daylight savings is going to throw us all for a loop this weekend, but it’ll just mean lots more sidewalk time, and happy hours on patios.

All this seasonal change has brought some crazy weather.  Change almost always causes drama, you know.  On the plaza on Fayetteville Street last Friday, it was gorgeous and warm, but the atmosphere was so volatile that the wind blew my pizza off the table.  That night, my friend William and I headed to a show in Durham, in a wicked fog. It looked pretty cool.

We caught Lizzy Ross (solo, which was great) and Mipso Trio, since I completely missed them at Last Band Standing.  The show as at The Pinhook.  Everything about the place was chill, perfect for a Friday night after a dramatic week.  Everything chill, that is, except this spooky ominous street on the way out:

Tonight, though, the weather was mild, and this March sky at nightfall was gorgeous.  The moon looked gargantuan as it rose over the skyline.  It was hard to capture the moment as I was, um, driving, and the fast-moving clouds kept obliterating the view every time I caught a red light.  (Texting while driving horrifies me.  Photographing while driving, apparently, is not a problem.)

I was on foot for this last shot, though.  Siler and Willow and I sat on the sidewalk and celebrated things: celebrated change, celebrated successes, celebrated possibilities, celebrated an almost-spring night, in the moonlight, on a Raleigh sidewalk.

We can probably expect some more tempestuous weather, some further lion/lamb/lion/lamb March mood swings. It’s all part of being in transition. Plenty of gentle spring mornings, languid golden late afternoons, and mild musical evenings filled with chirping crickets and creaking porch swings are ahead. Change is good, y’all. Change is good.

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