Honey, Do

Spring in the Triangle means that the weather changes about every twenty minutes.  I don’t mind.   Yesterday I woke up to another three a.m. thunderstorm, but by the time I walked to work, it looked like this:

There was another impressive storm in the late morning, but I had the office all to myself for a little while, and it sounds really nice when it rains on this roof.

‘Course, it also rains on my desk sometimes. But I’m not one to complain. (You. Stop laughing. Y’all know who you are.)

I was walking to work, having just triumphantly emerged from week eleven of my “bet with the NRA,” as I now refer to my fitness challenge, and I have not yet parted with a cent. I also bought a pair of jeans in a size I have never been before. I daresay that nobody knows the difference but me, but, Success! Achievement! Perseverance! Confidence! Within Reach Of Initial Goal! So I was considering writing a post about that, which, even in my head, sounded smug. Not that I’m above that. If, in four weeks, I am still triumphant, you will all be reading about it. Don’t you worry.

Ah, but the universe had other plans for my Tuesday. Fabulous plans. It will take me all week to undo the glorious setback that was my evening.  Fullsteam and Beasley’s teamed up for a special concoction: Beasley’s Honey White, and there was a tasting yesterday after work.

It was good, y’all.  Crazy good.  Friend and coworker Veronica escaped fled to freedom got a great new job, and now she is just plain friend Veronica, but that’s fine, and we met to discuss her first two days at the new place.  We lined up for beer in mason jars,

and sat down at the bar to order chicken biscuits.  Because, really, this beer is made to go especially with this chicken, so we wouldn’t have been doing it justice otherwise.   The beer and biscuits were so perfect that it was a full thirty minutes before I made it to the question, “Wait! How is your new job?”  Here is my picture of the best chicken biscuit I have ever eaten:




Um.  Sorry.  There is no picture.  I was so excited about the beer and chicken that it was gone before I knew what had happened.

No problem.  You can still get one for yourself, and Fullsteam’s Beaseley’s Honey White is on tap.  Also, the menu at Beasley’s has expanded since my last trip.  Don’t think I won’t be back for the chicken pot pie, and I still haven’t tried the chicken and waffles.  Meet you there in exactly four weeks,

after I have won my bet with the NRA.

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