Tall, Dark, and Handsome

Friday night, while I was off having a lovely time at Lincoln Theater with friends, more friends were at Kings trying to find me The Perfect Man.

I don’t know how this transpired, exactly, but I like it.

The Kings half of my crowd texted the Lincoln Theater half of my crowd throughout the evening with band updates, fashion news, etc; and by the way, they were setting me up with the man in front of them.  I thought they were kidding.

They texted that someone in his crowd was wearing an Old 97’s t-shirt.  I texted back, “Then I Will Date Them All.”  But I still thought they were kidding.  They sent a photo, which came through as pretty much black on black on black, on my screen.  I no longer thought they were kidding, but I didn’t think they’d actually said anything.

They had.  Willow, also unburdened with shyness, just walked right up and hit on him, on my behalf.  “Hi!”  she said.  “My friend Julia back there thinks you’re perfect for our friend who’s at another show tonight.”  I have no idea what else went down, other than that they invited him out with us for Saturday night.  Also, he’s 6′ 6″, and extraordinarily nice, and works in a creative field, living in California, visiting his brother in town, who’d love for him to move to this coast.  When Julia showed me the original picture, y’all, he was so handsome I actually swooned and had to put my head down on the stone wall at Tir Na Nog to recover while she finished the story.

Annnd I had given up my spot in line at Kings to go to Lincoln Theater.  I was decisive about Lincoln Theater. I was committed to Lincoln Theater.  I loved the show at Lincoln Theater.  But this begs the question, is the universe messing with me?  Is the universe wise and infinite, or fickle?  Or wise, with kind of a wicked sense of humor? Really, a quarter of a mile away from me, having come so far?

Tall, Dark, and Handsome couldn’t have been nicer about being set up with a stranger, but sadly, he also wasn’t going to be in town Saturday night, and we all enjoyed our respective shows, and that was that.   I suppose he has flown his tall, handsome self back to California by now, where he is being extraordinarily nice and creative on the west coast.

My lovely friends, however, are still here:  the kind of friends who are looking out for me, even when I’m not there.  The kind of friends who will hit on handsome strangers for me, since they all know I’m too shy to do it.  The kind of friends who know that sometimes we all need a reminder that there are all kinds of options out there, from all over the place, and that chances are, they’ll be nice to you if you walk up and say hello.

I am SO buying those girls dinner.

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One Response to Tall, Dark, and Handsome

  1. Julia says:

    Handsome, friendly, and has great taste in music. We’d be crazy not to add him to the circle.

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