Alabama Shakes

Alabama Shakes tonight at Cat’s Cradle.


That show was so good, y’all, I’m not forming complete sentences. I can’t do it justice, so I won’t bother talking about categories or lyrics or how everyone in the band came together to create this phenomenal sound, or try to capture the powerhouse that is Brittany Howard.  Willow and I looked at each other when it was all over, and she just said,  “Who?  Who do you think….”  and I said, “Janis. Aretha.  And then where…who else…how…?”  Like I said. I can’t put words around it.

What I can do is talk about how the music made me feel.  Don’t judge me, or tell my mother, but seriously, it made me feel like doing dirty things in the back seats of cars with boys, on prom night in the 1950’s.  Something like that.  Or maybe it’s just driving down some wide-open highway out west in a convertible, twenty miles over the speed limit with the radio blasting on a summer afternoon, long about the mid 1960’s. There was one song I wanted to burn to a CD, and go tape it to the front door of someone special with a love note on it, today, or whenever I meet the someone special in question. That voice is filled with so much passion, so much story, that it gets right to the heart of whatever it is you’re longing for, or feel like you remember, or wish you’d said,

or hope will happen one day soon.


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