I Totally Won That Bet

For those of you who are new here: I made a bet with the NRA.  Specifically, a few months ago I made a contract for myself on Stickk.com, a website developed by Yale which lets you commit to giving money to an ANTI-charity, among other things, if you fail at your goal.  Wow.  That works.

It’s a powerful motivator.  The thinking is that our commitment to our original goal wavers over time, or as soon as the novelty wears off and the commitment gets hard.  It’s part of being human.  The trick is, having something at stake other than the goal itself keeps people motivated a lot longer.

Fifteen weeks, for example.    My goal was weight loss; I know, boring boring boring, we won’t even discuss the details, because I do not want to be that girl.  What matters is: I won.  Boo-ya.  The NRA can Suck It.  Take THAT, Charlton Heston.

I will not get overly cocky, because people, it was close.  The scale is a fickle, fickle mistress.  I was in the clear by a pound and a half a week ago; I have no idea what happened cough bacon competition cough.  I knew by Sunday night that Monday would be a lean sort of day, meal-wise.  I woke up Tuesday morning, the last day of my fifteen week goal, and…it was close.  So close that if I breathed in, I was over; if I breathed out, I was under.  I couldn’t tell whether I was just leaning, in order to edge the needle where I wanted it.  I didn’t want to win that way.  I used my entire check-in day.  I tried again at lunch.  It was closer.  But leaning still made more of a difference than I felt good about.  I drank lemon water.  I skipped lunch.  I am not recommending this.  But fifteen weeks, y’all, fifteen weeks, and I did not want to lose on the last day.

I came home after work, having decided to call it at 5:30, win or lose.  I stepped on the scale. Blammo.  No question; no leaning, I was there.  Exactly there.  There with a margin of zero.  But there.

The work’s not quite done; I have some further fitness goals to tackle.  I am, however, taking this week off from worrying about it.  I started with a chicken biscuit at Beasley’s, and this is tonight’s theme song:

addendum:  after the full-on celebratory Beasley’s grit fries/chicken biscuit/pint of beer/mashed potatoes dinner with the girls last night, I woke up a full pound lighter.  Go figure.

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2 Responses to I Totally Won That Bet

  1. Hah! Thanks for the info! I laughed when I got the the part about needing to be one pound under on stickk.com “to account for daily fluctuations,” since that is exactly how I spent my Tuesday. Good luck with Beeminder, looks like a great idea.

  2. Love it! Congratulations! Here are some competitors to StickK: http://blog.beeminder.com/competitors

    (including my own Beeminder, which is like StickK for data nerds)

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