I bought myself a present.

It feels like a week for celebrating, on a couple of different fronts.  Way back last fall, I was cruising lifestyle blogs at my desk (I’m not the only one, right?) and I came across a gorgeous image of these tall, open-front farmhouse cabinets, filled with a rainbow of Le Creuset pots.  I thought, “Why don’t I have any Le Creuset cookware?”  So I googled it, and realized.  Oh.  Oh that’s it.  Intern architects are not in the same social class as Le Creuset.  We do not get invited to the same parties.  We are not in that culinary echelon.  We, as a group, would be looked upon with raised eyebrows, should we happen to approach Le Creuset in a store.  Good heavens, don’t touch that, do you know how many hours of drawing caulk details it would take to replace it if you broke it?  We are the 99%.

At the cookoff Sunday, one of the prizes was a Le Creuset dutch oven.  I wasn’t sad, on balance, not to have won the trip to Brooklyn because, man, that sounded like work.  But the Le Creuset?  I felt a pang.  I decided it was time to invest.  The reason I could afford this mammoth investment, friends, is this:

My Le Creuset is itty-bitty.  I’m worried that, if I leave it alone with this mushroom too long, the mushroom might get feisty and try to beat it up.  I tried to use an onion as my scale object.  My onion dwarfed my Le Creuset.

I picked it up at Williams-Sonoma today, and marched it confidently to the counter, where the saleswoman said brightly, “What are you going to make?”  I told her I had no idea; I just wanted to start my collection.  “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” I told her.  She raised an eyebrow and told me I could probably store butter in it or something, and then looked annoyed when I didn’t want to apply for a credit card.  Seriously?  The girl who can only afford $21 of Le Creuset looks like a good credit card candidate?  She wrapped it and said, “Congratulations?”

Thank you.  I am very excited about my adorable pot.  I have placed in my open-front cabinet full of white dishes, and it looks like a strawberry in a field of daisies.  One little bright spot of color.  It is very zen.

Baby steps towards what we love, people.  Baby steps.

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3 Responses to Mine

  1. Haha, I’m always so intimidated by the salespeople at Williams Sonoma, that’s why I stick to Target 🙂

  2. Tracy says:

    Adorable. I want to pat its knobby little head.

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