Trampled By Turtles

The Trampled By Turtles show tonight was a powerful, powerful thing, music people.

I don’t know when I’ve heard a band with this particular brand of intensity.  They dug deep, and gave their all, and then dug deeper, and gave more.  I was spent when it was over.  I can only imagine what they felt like.  It was fabulous.

They’ve got a careful balance going between soul-shaking, fever-pitch instrumentals and delicate, earnest lyrics like, “The stars, they whisper, ‘Blessings Be,’ when you walk by,” and “Love, and love, and nothing else is all I need.”  I was already worked up by the time they got to “Widower’s Heart,”  but then, it’s not the first time I’ve gotten emotional at Cat’s Cradle.  When they’d already pulled out all the stops, they tore into “Wait So Long,” and followed it with “Alone.”

They’re all amazing musicians, but the fiddle player, people, is world class, and I’m not saying that just because lately I will not stop talking about fiddles.  Maybe it’s because every now and then I get a flash of “Devil Went Down To Georgia” when he goes on a tear, but I’m a little worried that he’s had to sell his soul to be that good. Have mercy, he makes that thing sing.

The band had to move the show up a day, because they got invited to be on David Letterman tomorrow.  I think this is how “overnight success” works: you know, work tirelessly at your craft, tour for eight years, put out album after album, become become a master at what you do, and then suddenly, bam! Overnight success.

These guys totally deserve it.

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