The High Line

Second Life List achievement in three days, friends.  I am on fire.  I am unstoppable.

Friday, Mom and I walked the High Line.  It was everything I wanted it to be.  We started talking about the High Line a few years ago, when I was in design school and the park was still under construction.  I was taking all kinds of urban design classes and studying what makes great cities great, and we were all fascinated by the whole idea of turning a railway trestle into a public park.   The first piece of the High Line opened in 2009; Mom and I poked our heads up there on a Christmas trip back in 2010, on a twelve degree day with a bitter wind, and vowed to return and enjoy it in better weather.  Better weekend than this weekend, nobody has ever seen.  Seventy-two degrees, blue sky, mild breeze, big city.  It was perfect.

One of the things that makes the High Line such a pleasant experience is the variety.  One minute, you’re walking under a high-rise,

and the next minute, you might find yourself in the shade of a thicket of trees.

There are places where you can gather with a crowd,

and places where you can pretend you have the city all to yourself.

Our favorite place was here, where you can sit on a bench and dip your toes into the water and admire the river.

You can also climb onto one of these beach chairs which swivel along the old railroad track and sunbathe.

There are patches of green, where you can picnic on the lawn,

and places where you can get up close and personal with nature and feed some butterflies.

You can zoom in close and get lost in the details of nature, like in this patch of Dr. Seuss plants which look a little snaky and weird, but pretty,

Or you can zoom way out and take in a framed view of this city, just watch it all unfold below you as if it were a movie.

It’s a something-for-everyone type of place. It’s kind of a park, and kind of a promenade, and kind of a progression from one experience to another.  It’s a beautifully designed thing,  a shining example of what happens when all kinds of interested people come together and collaborate and create a gift for the common good.

All of that, and ice cream sandwiches and park benches and people watching.

You should totally go.

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One Response to The High Line

  1. i love the high line, you’re photos make me wanna go for a walk there!

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