I Love You, Too.

Things said to me by strangers on the street this week:

Be careful and don’t go near Moore Park.  Some people just stole all of my stuff.  But I got it back. homeless woman on Wilmington Street, who wanted directions to a church, but no money, and was worried about my safety

You get home safe now. twelve-year old kid on a sidewalk, two hours after the previous conversation, concerned that I was walking home in the dark, which completely unnerved me

I like your blue shoes…. whispered to me by a shy office worker in a crosswalk who was looking at her own feet as I walked by

Did you see that woman? She is trying to get us killed in the crosswalk.   fellow pedestrian angry that a driver tried to help by stopping and waving us across the road, and talked about it for the duration of the McDowell Street stoplight.  Which is a long light, my friends

Are you lost, darling?  out of an unruly mob half a block from my house, preceded by weird whistles which were more bird calls than catcalls, in my first unpleasant walking-home encounter in years

It was the day before Halloween, and there were Furries everywhere in a snippet of overheard conversation from people attending the Animazement convention downtown

Did you get everything dismissed? at the crosswalk on the way to work, a block from the courthouse, at 8:00 a.m., in the worst pick-up attempt I have ever witnessed

I love you too murmured gently to me by a homeless man in a crowd on the benches on Fayetteville street at 7:55 a.m.

It’s been kind of a weird week.  You?

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