Day three of vacation.  Actually, I consider it the first real day of vacation, because it’s the first day when I’d otherwise actually be sitting at my desk.  That makes it feel ten times as good to be away.

Okay, so it hasn’t been ideal, weather-wise.  The nor’easter that hit late Saturday night as widespread rain turned into lashing, battering, sideways wind-driven rain by Sunday afternoon.  By late in the day, I returned to my tent for a cozy early evening of reading in the rain.  I had graham crackers and peanut butter for dinner.  And beer by flashlight.  It wasn’t bad.  I had the foresight to bring a really good book, and also to pick up a really, really excellently trashy book, of the type that will keep you turning pages in an 0h-I-really-shouldn’t kind of way.

What.  Everyone else I know is reading it.  I felt left out.

Lights-out came early to Seawall Campground.  I listened to the whiptail winds and the streaks of pounding rain, smacking down in intermittent bursts upon my tarps all night. Please have my “Badass Camper” badge ready for me when I get home.  I have camped through a Maine nor’easter.  And I enjoyed it.

Hiking is out, though.  Today has been a steady rain, with bouts of almost-dryness.  Tomorrow looks a little more optimistic for outdoor activity; today was another driving day, with frequent stops at warm and cozy coffee shops.

I found a bunch of little sea villages, and this one house that is so Edward Hopper.

I encountered rocky cliff after sea-beaten rocky cliff,

and a sandy, cold beach with genuinely impressive sea spray.

Is our friendship strong enough for a poem?  Because there’s one that’s been running through my mind all day, although I can’t even find it online, so wh0 knows where it came from?  But it’s something like:

When the mountain meets the ocean, do they talk of heights or deeps?

Can a mountain think of motion, or an ocean think of steeps?

See what a couple of vacation days can do to you?  Make you stand in front of weathered, rocky cliffs spouting poetry?

And then I went and ate popovers with hot tea and watched it rain.  Monday: all things considered, it’s been pretty great.

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