They Have Sun in Maine

Yesterday started out cold, cold and rainy.  I’m not being Polyanna here, but I really have enjoyed every second of Maine, despite the wretched weather.  I was excited when the rain stopped long enough that I could take a hike, though.

Well, it didn’t stop, exactly, but it did pause occasionally.  This hike was a rocky scramble, which was dicey in the rain.  The trail is blazed with these little stone cairns, built just where you need them.  It’s so subtle and lovely.  Oh, Maine.

Coming back down, I decided to take a spur trail called “Cadillac Cliffs.”  Word to the wise, hikers, if the word “cliffs” is in the name, there might be a little more “vertical” than you think you’re signing up for.  I had to do a couple of undignified things to get down.  Also, I climbed through exactly three Sasquatch dens.  But I made it.

After the morning hike, the rain turned into “frequent soaking showers.”  So I took a drive. There were times when the sun burst forth optimistically, bathing the fields on one side of the car in cheerful warming light, while it continued to rain in buckets on the other side of the car.  Oh, Maine.

I went to Penobscot, just so I could say “Penobscot Penobscot Penobscot.”  I found this perfect little farm, on top of a yellow field of wildflowers.  There was a stream off to the left, which runs under a bridge to an inlet, which flows into a harbor, which widens into a bay, which turns into the sea.  Perfect indeed.

Of course, it rained on me, hard, during the thirty seconds in which I took this picture.  But that was okay, because after that, the sun came out.  I meandered my way back to Acadia, where the roads were dry, and I took an itty-bitty hike before dinner, on the Wonder Land trail.

Wonder Land, because it’s a bay full of tidal pools. I was immediately transformed into ten-year-old Katherine, remembering when we used to spend weeks and weeks at the beach during the summer, and my parents would sign me up for classes at the aquarium down on Emerald Isle.  My mom took me to Roses drugstore to get a special pair of trash tennis shoes for the tidal pool class, and we very carefully sloshed around in the puddles and examined periwinkles just like these, and I decided on the spot to become a marine biologist.

Funny what the ocean will do to you.  I went to sleep last night to the sound of crashing waves, and I woke up to silence.  I was baffled, since I’ve heard nothing but crashing waves since I arrived.  But this morning the ocean is like glass, hardly a ripple; calm and serene, with a hint of sunshine peeking through the clouds.

Amazing how things change overnight.


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One Response to They Have Sun in Maine

  1. westerner54 says:

    “Oh, Maine” indeed. Glad I found your blog. Love the music and moveable feast pages too.

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