Kirby Derby

Kirby Derby is my new favorite.  Were you there?  The theme this year was the End of the World.  As in, Mayan apocalypse and all of that. This was my first derby.  Tracy and Gregg have family living on Kirby; Travis and Ollie were nice enough to let us crash their yard party, hang out, and tour their fabulous garden.

It all starts with a pinecar derby.  It’s pretty great.  There were some spectacular cars, including a dragon one with spikes, and a blue one with bobbly smiley faces on top entered by a two-year-old.  It was a fierce competition. The Delorean won, by 1/4  of a car length.

After that came the parade. There were bagpipes,

and Mormons,

and the Four Horsemen,

a really excellent cockroach,

this wicked coffin car,

and my personal favorite moment of the event.  The Stay Puft marshmallow man. Brilliant, sir.  Brilliant.

This was brilliant, too.

There was a huge crowd by the time the soap box derby started.  We found a spot behind Dead Man’s Curve.

This guy in the tree had a better idea.

The crowd couldn’t have been more excited.

I mainly saw the back side of the action.  But there was a great deal of action.  A couple of cars careened out of control heading out of the curve, but mostly the audience was paying attention and dove out of the way.  One guy had to leap over a speeding derby car he didn’t see coming.  It was great.   Particular shout-outs go to Travis’s asteroid car,

and the Mayan pyramid.

Our crowd was in various stages of costume; we had a vampire killer/save-the-worlder, and Effie from post-apocalyptic Hunger Games, a “Left Behinder,” and I went as Lara Croft, because of course if anyone is surviving the apocalypse, it is her.  Never have I had more fun in a costume.  “Dude, that girl looks just like Angelina Jolie” is something I am not likely to hear again, as no part of me in any way actually looks like Angelina Jolie.  But thank you, whoever said that, and I will take that compliment with me and cherish it into my golden years.

We spent some time talking about next year, and whether we’d consider racing.  I’d totally be a part of a team effort, although I’d be more likely to design a car than to be the one to careen around a curve in front of a crowd of, say, a thousand new friends.

The team effort I really appreciate, though, is the one involved in pulling something like this off every year.  Well done, Kirby.  The derby has something for everyone.  It brings the neighborhood together, but also welcomes people from all over Raleigh, and encourages teamwork and friendly competition and creativity and joy and crazy costumes and food trucks and music.  It’s all about community.  Thanks for setting a good example for what a neighborhood can be.  I can’t wait for next year.

If the world doesn’t end, of course.

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5 Responses to Kirby Derby

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  3. Chris- Captain, Kirby Derby says:

    What a GREAT review!! We have worked REALLY hard over the years to present a fun day that others would enjoy as much as we (the residents) do. The level of competition has risen a LOT since that first year of races (year 5 of the Derby itself) and has become something people spend a great deal of time and energy on- and then there are those who wait til the LAST minute and let their individual Muse guide them to completion. The fact that you mentioned we are an example of how neighborhoods can be is really the best compliment you could ever give us. Thanks again and we’re glad you had a good time- go ahead and start building that racer for next year- it’s NEVER too early to start the basics- the theme for next year will be decided after the new year……that is if the Mayans were wrong!! LOL

    • Thanks for a spectacular day, Chris! I know there’s a huge amount of work involved in pulling something like that off, and it’s obvious that it’s a huge collaborative effort. So nice of y’all to share it! See you next time- and I’ll bring my racer. This is going to be good.

  4. Kris says:

    Great pics! Thanks for sharing! I was bummed to miss it this year, as last year was very entertaining. Amazing it’s grown so much from just a block party. 🙂

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