First week of summer, and my productivity is at a low ebb.

I am plowing through the to-do list at work this week, if by “plowing through the to-do list” you mean “lollygagging on my morning walk, taking long lunches on the plaza, and leaving two hours early to enjoy the surprise seventy degree weather while the boss is out of the country.”

I dealt with the problem of my new dishwasher not washing dishes, if by “dealt with” you mean  “hiring an utterly useless technician to come look at it, only to tell me it is spraying water and the water is hot, so everything must be fine.”  Seriously, I am standing there with the little broken pieces in the palm of my hand, and his most useful question was, “Well, what kind of detergent are you using?”  He all but called me a hippie when I showed him my Seventh Generation bottle.  He asked me if I was rinsing properly, but you could tell he didn’t believe me.

I solved the problem of the green things growing on the north side of my house, if by “solving the problem” you mean “calling A Guy, who will absolutely come fix it, but not anytime very soon.”  Sorry, neighbors.  If you come sit on my porch swing and drink umbrella drinks with me, at least you won’t have to look at the rest of the house until it’s cleaned.

I painted my porch in preparation for the guy eventually cleaning the rest of my house, if by “painted my porch” you mean “spilled half of the paint on the brick steps and had to spend twenty minutes scrubbing it off while the neighbors snickered.”  Uncool. And now I have to go buy more paint.

I advanced both my career and personal life, if by “advanced” you mean “sat on the couch and ate popcorn for dinner while watching Game of Thrones for three nights in a row.”

So.  I haven’t actually accomplished anything, unless you count acquiring seven mosquito bites this evening while wearing DEET of frightening strength.  Which is pretty impressive, if you think about it.

I’ve decided not to worry about the complete lack of efficiency.  It’s summer.  I’m rolling with it.  I’m taking it as it comes.  I’m recharging.  The to-dos will get done.  Later.

My one success of the week thus far, though, was the hour I spent in the garden.  I had to go buy more stakes.  Next year I’m skipping all the intermediate stages and going straight to a steel-framed structure with concrete footings.  I’ll consult a structural engineer, and weld it all together if I have to before the tomatoes start overturning their cages again.  I came back from the garden with this:

and then I made a mascarpone-stuffed squash blossom for dinner, just to see if it would work.  It did.

There’s one more thing going on which I consider a huge success. I hate to get all worked up about it too early, because who knows what will come of it.  But I’ll give you a peek:

That, friends, is the cutest little watermelon you ever saw.  I’m not working very hard right now, but things are proceeding exactly as they should.  Happy first week of summer, y’all.

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