You’re Really Not Alone

I have listened to this song no less than forty times in the last week,

and I’m quite sure I’ll never grow tired of it.  I feel a little freer every time we wail “sounds like 1963, but for now, it sounds like heaven…”  But then, I’ve already told you how much I love a car song.

The amount of kindness that has been showered upon me these last few days is kind of astounding. I’ve always been independent to the point of stubbornness, and good heavens people, it’s exhausting.  I don’t want to do it any more.  I’m learning, over and over, that when people who love you show up to help you, you should say yes, every time.  None of us gets very far on our own steam.  We’re all in this together.  It takes a village, after all, and my village- my village is strong.

Tonight I had popcorn for dinner, and an evening of music in my living room, and I’m crawling into bed with a book before the sun is all the way down, just because I can.  There is nothing on my to-do list, nothing to keep me tossing and turning tonight.  The gentle rain all day helped a lot.  That, and the sage bundle Veronica gave me, and all of my dear ones being, generally and specifically, dear.

I read this the other day:

“It is Love that holds everything together.  And it is the everything also.”  Rumi

And I think that’s exactly right.




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