Oh! Hello there.  (Insert yawning and stretching.)  I’ve been hibernating.  This whole week is a blur.

As is always the case, when one is exhausted, I got sidelined by some temporary bug around midweek; I’ve done little but sleep, and work on construction estimates, and sleep, and draw schematic upfits for office spaces, and sleep.  The sleep doesn’t seem to be taking.  I’m not up to speed yet.

I noticed I was not quite myself yet after I stepped out in front of a moving van yesterday in a crosswalk.  Bless his heart.  I had to do the awkward apology-wave, right there in front of the Berkeley, while my friend Mary questioned my sanity.  I am usually Safety Captain in my crowd.  I look both ways.  I have band-aids and sunscreen.  I double-check everything.

Not this week.

It’s this darn in-between season, the dog days.  I decided that, in addition to sleeping, and sleeping some more, I needed to get my mind in an early-autumn place.  Since yesterday in the crosswalk, I have been making a concerted effort to get some joy back on my calendar.  All the music I have seen in the last six weeks fits on one line on my list.  That is not healthy.  That is No Fun.  I can fix it, though.  Just to hit the highlights, the next little stretch includes the following wonderful things, more or less in order:  Tonk (twice), Chatham County Line, Bombadil, Hopscotch, Tift Merritt, Cooke Street Carnival, the North Carolina State Fair, Saxapahaw Oktoberfest, the Old 97’s, John Vanderslice, and Dr. Dog.

I feel better just typing that.  I also feel better because of this:


do you see it? am I reading this right?  Highs in the 70s, lows in the 50s? Sorry to tease you, that’s not the Raleigh forecast- it’s for the mountains of Virginia, where I’ll be camping Saturday night, listening to Yarn and watching meteor showers.

And sleeping- but sleeping under the stars.

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2 Responses to Emerging

  1. Mar says:

    KB, did not question your sanity. Truth be told, you are usually MY guardian angel when crossing streets as I always seem to be rattlin’ on about something. I felt honored to, for once, be your angel. But yes, it was out of character for you to wander out; yet, I get the why. Love you!

    • Love you back, Mar. You have been one of my favorite guardian angels since the day I met you! I’ve been avoiding ladders and traffic and banana peels and slippery spots all weekend- but I feel great today! xoxo

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